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Net Zero

NetZero™ Fire


Fire is primal. It's draw, timeless. It's appeal, endless. Yet the classic sources of fire—wood, gas—are not. NetZero Fire™ is reimagining the future of fire, with room-defining fireplace aesthetics, fueled by resources that are plentiful, safe and renewable. And while that means little to no impact on the environment—the visual impact in every space where a NetZero Fire burns is immeasurable.

No heat. No fuels. No limit to the ways you can transform your room. It's more than a fireplace—it's the NetZero Waterplace. The look is pure art, borne of pure, simple water. With dancing, rolling, adjustable flames that have all the allure of a conventional fire. Set against a backdrop of a full spectrum of color-changing LED lights, you can select logs, media or liners to truly make it your own. With smart, wi-fi enabled options you can control through your phone.

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