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Trends to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Our lawns are an extension of the interior of our home, but they often feel so disconnected from the rooms we use every day. If you're eager to get more use out of your lawn, you're not alone! More people want to get outside. It's just important to stop and build a space for yourself […]

Build An Outdoor Bar: Expert Design and Construction Tips

Kick-off your summer plans with a project destined to elevate your home – an outdoor bar. With its endless possibilities, an outdoor bar can be as elaborate or simple as your budget allows.  Whether you’re living in San Diego, CA, or are upgrading your vacation rental in Tampa, FL, you can build an outdoor bar with repurposed […]

Hearth Home Magazine

Cousins Salvatore Alesci, Peter Alesci, and Sal Finocchiaro have done almost everything together since they were kids (in Queens, New York). As adults, they have taken advantage of that close-knit relationship to build a business together, as an offshoot of the family’s 30-year old construction company. In 2010, the ambitious trio started NYC Fireplaces & […]

Patio Hearth Products Report

No one said the specialty hearth and barbeque business was easy. But if you think you’ve got it rough, imagine doing business in New York City. Crowds, traffic, lack of parking, multi-story buildings with limited elevator access, a myriad of co-op and condo association rules with which to comply - these challenges and more are […]

3 Reasons Why Adding a Fireplace Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Did you know fireplaces are among the most popular home features found in homes for sale? Not only do they serve the functional purpose of providing additional warmth in your home but by adding a fireplace, you may also be helping increase your home’s value. Regardless if you live in sunny Las Vegas, NV, or cloudy Pittsburgh, […]