Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Fireplaces

Q: I'm looking for framing dimensions and BTU ratings on a particular unit, can you help me?

For combustible clearances, unit and framing dimensions, please consult the manufacturer website. There you will find installation manuals, diagrams, high resolution photos of the products and accessories. If you are having trouble finding the website, give us a call and we can direct you.

Q: I have an existing wood burning fireplace, but I want to convert it to gas. What are my options?

For masonry or factory built fireplaces you have two options:

  • A sealed gas insert will slide into your existing firebox, providing supplemental heat and ambiance. These units require an existing chimney and include a glass front.
  • The alternate option is a gas log set or glass burner. This type of unit creates more of an aesthetic presence than heat. These units do not come with a glass front, but doors are available if desired. The burner is assembled and connected to a gas line within the firebox.

Q: What is a direct vent gas fireplace?

Fireplaces that use venting material for intake and exhaust are categorized as direct vent fireplaces. A chimney is not required to vent these units; only galvanized double-wall vent pipe is required. If you do not have a preexisting fireplace, this is the category of hearth products for you. These units require a glass pane face – this is how the heat is transferred into your room.

Q: Does the glass get hot?

YES. The glass does get hot. Most manufacturers supply screens to prevent direct contact with the glass.

Q: I want a Majestic fireplace with a Town & Country burner. Is this possible?

No. Each manufacturer tests their units with their own parts. We cannot "mix & match" fireplace elements.

Q: I have 42" of wall space. Can I use a 42" wide firebox?

Most likely, no. What you do not see around the firebox is framing, gypsum board and non combustible clearances. These distances differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Consult the applicable installation manual for further detail or call us.

Q: Do you have pre-made mantels in stock?

No. Each mantel is custom made to your fireplace dimensions. You can select from our fabricator's styles or bring in a photo of something you like. We can reproduce most mantels.

Q: I live in a condo and cannot vent, but would like a fireplace. What are my options?

There are plenty of vent free options! The simplest of all are electric fireplaces. They work with a regular 110 outlet and are offered in several styles including: wall-mounted, built-in, cabinets or media centers. Another option is bio ethanol, a corn based fuel poured into a reservoir and lit manually or automatically. Bio ethanol fireplaces offer a real flame, but are primarily used for decoration.

Q: I have a question about building code, can you help me?

We are not responsible for building code. The building code differs from county to county. We install per the manufacturer's specifications, providing a safe, effective and warranted appliance. We recommend calling your local architect or fire department for code compliance questions.

Q: Do you fabricate custom fireplaces?

Yes, but they are not for everyone. Custom fireplaces do not come with a UL rating. Custom work is generally very costly; obtaining a UL rating will make fabrication even more expensive. Non-refundable deposits are required for surveys and drawings.

Q: I have a fireplace I bought online. Can you install it for me?

Unfortunately, no. Online retailers cannot be trusted. They can be selling defective, pre-owned, used or even stolen merchandise that could cause potential problems following installation.

Q: My wood/gas fireplace needs servicing. Can you help me?

We do not provide cleaning services for wood fireplaces. Serving our existing customers takes priority on our schedule, especially during the winter months. Please contact us with make, model and a brief description of the problem or issue.

Q: Can I buy the fireplace from you and have my contractor install it?

Sure, but has your contractor installed fireplaces before? Is he familiar with these brands? Is he authorized by the manufacturer? If you've answered no to these questions, you may want to reconsider! Our installation team has over 15 years of experience with these appliances and has encountered almost every unit on the market. When dealing with gas appliances and carbon monoxide levels, you should leave it to the experts.

FAQs - Outdoor Kitchens

Q: Are your products available in natural gas and propane?

Yes, most of the grills we carry can be converted for use with either fuel.

Q: What is the difference between your high-end grills and my Weber?

Many of our manufacturers provide warranties on their burners and grids; the most commonly replaced parts. These are lifetime grills, perfect for outdoor kitchen constructions. Stainless steel housings, wide temperature ranges and state-of-the-art technology features separate the tailgating grill from the lifetime grill. If you are someone takes grilling seriously, stop by and visit the showroom for further information.

Q: I have a contractor currently working on my home. Can I have them construct the kitchen and purchase the equipment from you?

Yes. We always recommend having the appliances on hand before starting any fine work - something as small as a screw or flange could create a major problem.

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